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Please submit a complete application.  Failure to fill out the entire form may result in delays in processing or accepting your application. If N/A please indicate. 


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Booth space: 15 X 15 unless pre-arrangements are made.
Fee structure (payable after you are accepted)


Products (please list all product(s) to be featured. Products that are not listed will not be approved. Use additional paper if necessary.





Booth Description: (Period tents will be given priority spaces) Indicate if additional booth space is needed.






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      Do you perform demonstrations?   YES            NO     (please circle)

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      Will you contribute an item for the silent auction to help defray festival costs?  YES     NO  (Please  

       circle).  Can you describe the item donated for the auction at this time?  This information and what   

       Business is contributing may be used in the web site and advertising for the festival.

Submit to:

Ashville Viking Festival

79 Scioto St,

Ashville Oh 43103


Fax application (include URL to photos of product) to 740-983-4428


Email all to: