Sailing form:

If you plan on sailing with the Norseman on Friday April 24th please let me have the following information:



Name of individual (if you are a Lost Viking crewmember sign up as an Individual) or Group

Era you represent (does not have to be Viking): 

If group please list names of those attending:

Time you would like to sail:  AM  Noonish   PM

We would prefer all passengers/rowers be in garb. Would you need to borrow some?

Contact information:



Where we sail there is little option for food. You may want to bring something. Alternatively Johnsonís Catering will send box lunches consisting of an Italian sub, chips and a couple of cans of pop. This will cost $4.00.

To order let me know how many you need:


The launch will take place between 8 A.M. and 3 P.M. on the Scioto River at the Boat dock off Riverside drive (7690 Riverside Drive). This is just south of Home Rd., which west of both Rt. 315, and Rt. 23 both of which Home Rd. intersects

To help you get there go to:,-83.134146&spn=0.014128,0.029225
 or try

Call 740-983-4428 Thursday night (April 26) to hear the final update.


(PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: The reason we say plan is that weather and river conditions can change the plans right up to the last second. Sailing can be cancelled due to weather, River conditions, or at the Captains discretion.)

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