Re-enactors Participation.


Please provide the following contact information; Name of Re-enactment group:

Work Phone

What time period does your group represent:

Select any of the following options that apply:

We are interested in taking part in Sailing the Viking Ship (Fill out sailing form)
We are interested in doing an encampment                      
We just want to visit.
We want to participate in some other way.
       Describe how you would like to participate 

How many wish to participate in sailing? (range)

How wish to camp... ? (range)

How many wish to invade.... ?

If you wish to do and encampment, please let me know what your gear is like so I know how much space you need.

Any special requirements? i.e. Horses, R.V.s, trailer parking...


Is there any demonstration you would like to do? I need a description of what you would like to demonstrate, and an approximation of how much room you need:

Ed Vallette.
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