Garb Day

Free Viking Tunic Workshop

Last Sat. in March.

10AM-4 PM

(No tunic started after 2:30)

At the Open Shelter House in the Park where the festival is held.


Strongly encouraging youth groups, scouting groups, church groups and sporting groups to attend. There is more room for local participants in several categories for the festival.

This day we intend to make as many tunics as possible for those that want to have costumes for the upcoming Viking Festival. Costumes are not necessary to attend, but participants should be in costume. We can also make dresses for Viking Ladies with the over garment, and pants for men.

YOU NEED TO BRING: For your average sized adult Viking 3 yards of cloth for a tunic. (Unless otherwise requested, left over fabric will go to the "pool" for contrasting colors for other tunics).

If you want a contrasting color on your tunic either bring a 1/2 yard or more contrasting color, or take your chances on what's in the "pool".

Bring a comfortable tee shirt that fits you loosely for size purposes.

For a pair of pants, Three yards should do it. For an under dress, 4 yards should be plenty. For an overdress probably you want 1 1/2 - 2 yards.

What kind of cloth is up to you anything that looks "woven" would be "correct" for the time in solid colors. Linen, raw silk, and linen look are great.


Volunteers welcome. If you can sew, own a serger or a sewing machine feel free to Volunteer.