Thor's Feast Hall Heimdalls Horn of Plenty


Photo courtesy of Sir Clisto's Tome

Thor's Feast Hall:

Food Made and Staffed The Men’s community Club.

Friday Night Welcome Feast:

Friday Night 5 PM to 8PM or so....

All you can eat pork chop dinner with sides and  drinks.

 $9.00 adults $5.00 children under 12


Breakfast: Frokost

Starting at 8 AM both  Saturday and Sunday,

  our Kitchen Thralls will be making breakfast.

Scrambled Eggs, Ham, Hash Browns and French Toast.

All Day

    TURKEY LEGS:   Fugl  Brought back from Leif's Journey to Vinland. A robust pound of succulent turkey leg is charcoaled to perfection and spiced with a variety of precious seasonings. Guaranteed to gratify the heartiest appetite. 

    Potato Soup in a Bread (Brød) Bowl: From our journey to Ireland, Hot Potato Soup served in a Bowl Of Bread.   

        Pork (Svin) Tenderlion: from the Eurasian Wild Boar (Sus scrofa).   

     Chicken Tenders and Wedge Fries for

Food for the ungdom  (Young ones)

Cornish Dogs  .







Heimdalls Horn of Plenty:



Food by Corelli's


Welcome to our Festival, again!!!