Two sections of the park have trees and are nicely shaded, those sections are being reserved for the re-enactment/living history groups that want to Volunteer to participate. 

There also is a fenced in ball diamond with bleachers that is being reserved for groups who engage in combat and need a secure area and keep the public at a safe distance.

Due to the  Highly Educational nature of the event all time periods are considered.

Period Camping is Approved.

We are also looking for Skilled Crafters, who can make their product on site, and Teach to a assigned apprentice. Depending on the situation no merchant fee would be charged.

Groups who are interested in participating need to contact the festival with their needs so arrangements can be made.

Please fill out this form if you plan on participating in The Ashville Viking Festival:

• As a re-enactor as part of a group
• As a lone re-enactor
• As a Lost Viking Crew member
• As a member of a Viking Ethnic or heritage group (SoN, Scadi. Club, Danish Sisterhood…)

If Sailing fill out the Sailing form
If partaking in encampment or re-enactment fill out the re-enactor form.
If doing both fill both out.

A promotional Power Point  presentation is now available.
Contact  us and send let us know your Snail mail address, and we will get one out to you.
Please, if you are with a group, help us keep down costs by only getting one CD per group.
Feel free to share and copy it.\