Hello Campers.

With this letter are a few things to make your life easier.

The Camping info for the park is as follows.ipants, Venders, Performers, Lost Vikings, may modern camp by their
"stuff" but tents cannot go up till 6pm, and must be down by 8 am.

We have permission from the town to have campfires in the park in the re-enactment and demonstration areas. Not a bonfire a campfire. The hopefully the town is supplying wood, if not we will be bringing in some. Please no Fire in the merchant areas.

The park is dry; this means no open containers. If you are seen drinking out of an open container the police will stop you. Some of the people who live near the park will call the Cops at the first problem or noise.

This is a residential area and the park has had problems with Carnies in the past. They were reassured the Rennies and Re-enactors will not cause the kinds of problems they have had in the past with other groups. Please help me keep my word. Keep music reasonable. Be nice to your neighbors, both within the park and without.

The police will patrol by frequently. ALL CAMPERS SHOULD HAVE ON A GRAY WRISTBAND AT ALL TIMES. When the police come by, please expose your wrist band so they know you belong there. If you do not have a wristband you may be asked to leave. Jim Rogers is acting as security, a Retired Deputy; he will have a direct line to the Ashville Police.

Water is located at the pump in the front of the park near the big stage, by the open shelter house. They will also tap into a hydrant on the far side near the re-enactment area. Use that and not the hydrant that the RVs are tapped in to. DO NOT CLEAN YOUR DISHES THERE OR IN THE RESTROOMS. You may drain dirty water into the sewer system. (Look for the grates in the ground)

Porta-potties are obvious.

In the closed shelter house there are showers, one stall each restroom. The building is to be locked after hours, but there will be a key left with a designated person. Please keep the showers clean.

A map of the Local area is included to help you with anything you need.


FRIDAY NIGHT: All you can eat pork chop dinner at the closed shelter house (Thorís Feast Hall) starts at 6 PM

SATURDAY NIGHT: Music in the Long house (Big Tent). Starts at 7PM (seating after 6:30) Pre order your meal there during the day for delivery by 7 or buy from the truck.

BREAKFAST for Sale. At the closed Shelter House for a hot breakfast of Sausage Gravy and Biscuits. OR head over to the big tent for Muffins, fruit, Cinnamon rolls, Milk and Juice.

PARKING North//West corner of the park by the old baseball diamond.


Thank you for your cooperation.

Ed and Nancy Vallette.